Ways To Get Ready For Your Wedding

Centola Osorio   January 8, 2018   Comments Off on Ways To Get Ready For Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most precious days of your life. As the bride, all eyes will be on you and hence you need to look as gorgeous as ever. With so much to pay attention to, the venue, the dress, décor, food etc. most brides tire themselves and forget to take care of their health and beauty. So, after months of preparations, your wedding would be perfect but you would be looking like a zombie. So here are a few tips on staying beautiful and fit for the big day.

  1. Hair

With years of blow drying, straightening and coloring, your hair might be a mess right now, full of split ends and wispies. So, start the damage repair process in advance. Experts believe that vitamin B is a great nutrient for luscious locks and brings out the natural shine. Fish, nuts and eggs are vital to be added to your diet. Also visit scalp massages and deep conditioning treatments which will help to add body. Get a trim and discard those split end. Also, if you are planning on coloring your hair for the wedding, try it out now itself so that any damage can be repaired.

  1. Lips and teeth

A bride without a beautiful smile may look like a corpse. It’s your big day and hence you need to be able to laugh and smile as much as you want. So, clean teeth with plump lips are essential for this. Visit your

Dentist Singapore well before and schedule regular checkups and skin whitening treatment of needed. Exfoliate you lips once a week with a wet tooth brush so that all dead skin will be removed. All that nervous lip biting will be healed too.

  1. Face

Your face is the most important part and hence it needs to be fresh and glowing. See a dermatologist and get necessary treatment to fight your acne, wrinkle, blemishes and dark circle battles. You need to get adequate rest among all these wedding planning to avoid dark circles and saggy cheeks. Well an hour’s wisdom tooth surgery could solve your dental problem but skin problems, well foundation can’t hide much.

  1. Body

The worst that could happen is ordering a dress that is a size 8 only to find out now you are a size 10. Well to avoid such disappointment, stay fit at all times. Meet a dietician and ask for a diet plan. He will be able to prescribe what foods to take and not. A good multivitamin will help too. Go to the gym until the wedding at least, and stay in shape.