Inner Décor And What You Want To Avoid?

Centola Osorio   January 14, 2018   Comments Off on Inner Décor And What You Want To Avoid?

Most interior designers are more than glad to point out any potential mistakes you have already committed, or are about to commit when it comes to personalizing the décor of your property. The reason is because they have the best interests of properties in their line of work – they want an office, home or building they worked on to look aesthetically pleasing. Below are some of the mistakes interior designers believe you should avoid. 

  1. It is not only about the big pieces – when it comes to spending on any landed property interior design Singapore, the first points people would like to focus on are the big details, like the fixtures and fittings. Everyone prefers to save up the better portion of their (already tight) budgets to buy the best quality furniture and lighting. But the truth is that fixtures and fittings alone cannot carry the look of a property. The big details are also only one part of the big picture: you should save some money to buy accessories that suit your personality and theme of the building.
  2. Over-matching – certain people like to buy every single article and accessory in a way that creates an uncomfortable symmetry and likeness in every room of the property. Interior design is not always about matching everything together: a difference in patterns, textures or looks can go a long way towards specializing the way your property looks. The important point to understand is here is that whilst a showroom can look extremely appealing with every similar article pieced together, a house or office can turn into a showroom when you attempt to do the same.
  3. What about clutter? – there is a saying that a healthy amount of clutter can give your home a ‘lived in’ feel to it. What you should grasp from this is that a small degree of messiness can actually make your rooms look appealing, because they feel as if people actually lived in them. On the other hand, sparkling rooms with no clutter in sight can once again be comparable to the perfect aesthetic of showrooms. Nonetheless, you should never fall into full-fledged messiness, because clutter that stands out too much detracts from the value of your property.
  4. Rugs and carpets – generally, a rug can increase the supposed space within a room with careful planning. By properly positioning a rug, you can make your furniture look smaller or bigger than it actually looks like. Amongst the most important points to understand when it comes to rugs is that they should be placed with the front pair of legs on the rug, with the rest being outside of it.