Improving Literacy Levels In The World

Centola Osorio   March 2, 2018   Comments Off on Improving Literacy Levels In The World

Written word has come a long way from the historic times. The first writing has happened as far as 3100 BC and it is now one of the main methods people use to communicate and convey information as one global community. Although the UNESCO statistics estimated the world literacy level to be at an average of 85% which is a real improvement, some countries and regions are far behind than others. Although no need to say that learning to read and write is one of your rights and everyone should exercise that to the best of their ability.

 Which regions are the best?  

 Understandably Europe and Pacific countries have an average of 97% literacy rate; Central Asia has reached 100% already. Also not a surprise to see South and West Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa having lower levels going minimum at 60%. It is well known that developed nations use many techniques to teach reading and writing to their kids from the very early ages. It is normal to see organized reading classes from the kindergarten level. However unlike in Asia they use many novel approaches for this.

 Why people need to care about this?

 True, if you are in a developed country and if you can read and write, you’d think, why should I even bother? But world is now one global village; you will never know when you’d have to deal with a supplier from another country. And there will be times that you wish that the other person knew how to properly express an idea so you can get the deal done. Also helping to fulfill a right of another human being is your duty and responsibility as a part of this global society.

 Make sure your kids are up to speed

 As most countries are doing well on the literacy rate levels, you won’t bother with your kids reaching that level too. But are you certain they are following the modern teaching techniques to hit that mark? Learning through old ways and means might mean your kids growing to hate school. As it is not only reading and writing you’d need your kids to excel on -to embark on an esteemed career-having distaste for school is not going to do any favours. Ensure the kindergarten follows practices such as a phonics programme in Singapore to make learning fun and easier for kids.

This world will belong to your kids when they grow up. You in your own capacity must make sure they are prepared to run it to the best of their ability, to bring out what is good for our world.