Fixing It Yourself? Then Make It An I-business

Centola Osorio   January 18, 2018   Comments Off on Fixing It Yourself? Then Make It An I-business

Apple products have been staple companions for most people for some time. With the ever increasing digitalization of society, we become more and more dependent on our phones and laptops which perform a myriad variety of tasks. In such a context, it is common for a considerable demand for repair services of such devices due to the extensive usage. However a major factor when it comes to Apple product is due to its status as a premium product and the company policy to maintain exclusivity, it is relatively harder to supply and find repair services to satisfy the need. This has lead to many freelance techies focusing more attention to meet this growing demand. So if you happen to be the go to person in your friend group to fix apple products and wish to convert your skills into n income source, then you might want to consider thinking about the following facts. 

The Right tools

This might be considered as the cardinal rule when it comes to the repair of apple products. Due to its design sophistication and delicate components, deconstructing an apple product can be a daunting task. It is very common for many rookie technicians to crack the screen when trying to meddle with it. Fortunately to solve this problem, many freelance developers have come up with specific tools catering to these devices so that your job will be so much easier. Therefore the next time you think of putting your hands into an iPad repair, gather all the tools specifically required for the job. And can be easily done by doing a small search across online stores.

Parts and Spare Parts

This can be very tricky. Due to the company polices of denying access of official parts to 3rd party developers the only way to find spare parts is through products manufactures by independent firms. This is somewhat risky since quality cannot be fully assured. Therefore it is prudent not to completely trust all products available online on eBay and amazon but instead do a bit of research on the manufacturer itself and its track record to be safe.

Pacing your Pricing

Another very important element that could affect your service is the pricing. You must be careful when you price your products since different apple products require varied efforts.  For example, people will be more careful in choosing where to repair MacBook pro in Singapore than their iPhone since the perception of the two devices in the eye of the user will vary. Therefore, this should translate into your pricing policy with a comparatively lower pricing for the later to reflect the prevalent market opinion.

So by following the above tips you might be able to deliver a better quality service while retaining your customer base.