Types Of Fire Extinguishers

Centola Osorio   March 3, 2017   Comments Off on Types Of Fire Extinguishers

Wherever you may be having fire extinguishing mechanisms is highly important in order to avoid unexpected fire breakouts which might happen any day in your life. However, depending on which building you may be at, the type of fire extinguishers used are most likely to be varied. It is good if you do have some basic knowledge on these types of extinguishers so that you do know how to use them whenever a fire occurs. Therefore, you can read through the following data and enlighten yourselves on this matter.

Dry chemicalThe main purpose of these types of fire extinguishers are to extinguish the primary chemical reaction that takes place in the triangle of fire, better known as the fire triangle. The most commonly used type of fire extinguisher at present is called the multipurpose dry chemical extinguisher which has the ability of getting rid of fires of types A and B. A barrier between oxygen and fuel will be created by this type of fire extinguisher.
Water and foamWater and foam, as the title suggests are the best way to prevent the heat that occurs from a fire. The heat element of the fire triangle can be extinguished by this type of extinguisher. The foam element in this extinguisher has the ability to separate the oxygen factor from any other factor that assists the fire. This is also only appropriate to be used for class A type of fires. In order to make sure that you can face this class of fire, fire extinguisher maintenance in Singapore has to be ensured.
Wet chemicalThis is one of the newly introduced agents that help with distinguishing fire. In your set of fire safety equipment this is the type of extinguisher that needs to be used to remove the heat element from the fire triangle. It also has the ability to separate the oxygen element from the fuel element. You can use this to extinguish type A fires that occur in kitchens.
Cartridge operated dry chemicalThis type of fire extinguishers is used to attack the chemical factor. That is, it has the ability to attack the chemical reaction which takes place in the fire triangle. The benefit of a cartridge operated dry chemical fire extinguisher is that it can get rid of fires of types A,B and C.
Knowing these factors may help you to face situations where fires break out at unexpected events. Therefore, some basic knowledge as such would be very helpful if you fancy becoming the hero for the day!