The Throw Away Culture

Centola Osorio   October 26, 2017   Comments Off on The Throw Away Culture

The packaging is still a growing business. Even though numerous reports indicate that damage they cause, the need for single use plastics and easy low cost packaging solutions have increased in demand.  With many busy individuals looking for the convenience of single use plastics the threat they cause to out environment  is considerable.  It seems that manufacturing age has got us in to a lot of trouble with the responsibility of the environment being placed on each individual now.

The problem of single use plastics are far reaching and damaging not only to the planet but it is directly impacting our health. Plastics, such as cling wrap are deposed in large quantities annually. Individuals and organisations at large are responsible for this. Without proper waste disposal Singapore mechanisms, these plastics will congest our waters in turn endangering marine life. Research further suggests that these plastics will start to disintegrate and become smaller particles which in turn are consumed by fish, which more or less become our food. So this deadly cycle if continued would endanger our health and well being in the long term. Before we know it, we might be eating plastics our selves, though we may not know it outright.

Research findings indicate that the UK alone is responsible for more than 170m tonnes of plastic waste especially in the form of plastic packaging. Though these packaging methods made our lives easier, they are causing threats to our environment. With constant increase in this form of waste, landfills are in dire straits with no mechanisms to cope. The throw away culture is creating havoc. Gone are the days when produce came in glass bottles or jars. Some food items now days seem to come in several layers of wrapping, all plastic with no real reason for it being there. It seems the manufacturing companies and individuals in the packaging industry are not giving sufficient thought to how and where their complete products end up in. It seems that the general public and the governments have to take measures to their own hands if waste management is to be taken care of. If you are interested about waste disposal services you can visit this website

The banning of single use plastic bags has been a positive step towards the future. Many countries around the globe have also joined this initiative with biodegradable options being introduced and some countries completely banning all forms of the plastic bag. However this is only a fraction of the effort that is going to be required if our planet is to breath freely. Another option that is being proposed is the banning of all forms of single use cutlery, provided in fast food stores and restaurants. France is one country that has taken this step.

It seems that as consumers we need to be conscious of what we do and how we do things. We need to be more thoughtful and take small steps to change our throwaway thinking. So start by carrying your own glass bottle of water and don’t go for that disposable plastic bottle.