The Funerary Mistakes To Avoid

Centola Osorio   November 28, 2017   Comments Off on The Funerary Mistakes To Avoid

What are the biggest mistakes to avoid when it comes to funerals? Find out below!

  • Failure to plan in advance – there is hardly a person who would willingly discuss their funeral whilst young and healthy. However, it is a good idea to have a plan for what to do once you die, because a death can be an extremely stressful event, and having everything planned out from the start can lift a heavy burden off the shoulders of your family members and acquaintances. Using wills is also common, but since the wills are often read the very end of the funeral, they won’t do much for you or for your loved ones. Instead, talk to a funeral service and have a plan for what to do for your funeral.
  • Paying in advance – whilst it is indeed recommended to plan everything in advance, there is one thing that is not recommended, and that is paying in advance. There are so many risks involved with pre-payment that you honestly do not want to consider it as a viable option. This is especially so if you are planning for the funeral whilst still perfectly healthy: you do not know when you will die, and there is a good chance that the funeral parlour won’t be around by the time you are dead, or instead, you won’t be living in the locality anymore. If you are dealing with a terminal illness or something similar, however, you might want to consider pre-payments, but even then, it is best to pay after everything has transpired.
  • Deciding by prices only – another mistake you do not want to make is being blinded by monetary values. Funeral services vary from funeral parlour to parlour, and you do not want to judge the services, or the quality of service of any one parlour solely based on the prices they offer. To begin with, most prices come with packages, and packages can have very different inclusions to them, which makes the comparison flawed. Secondly, quality and price are often related, but there are inevitable exceptions. Always visit the parlour before you decide to settle for it or go for another one.
  • Not knowing specific protocols or ethics – the funeral business is governed by a specific set of protocols and regulations, and while no one will expect you to be fully knowledgeable about them, it is important to have at least an inkling about them. This is especially so when it comes to procedures such as embalming and cremation – not all parlours will provide the latter service, for example, and you should not expect all parlours to stick to expected ethics or protocols. This is why it is always important to research beforehand.