Sports Related Injuries And What You Need To Know

Centola Osorio   September 14, 2017   Comments Off on Sports Related Injuries And What You Need To Know

Regular physical exercise is integral to the body staying healthy. We have to incorporate physical activity into our daily lives in order to stay healthy and fit. Because our bodies have been made to move. By keeping them without moving we tend to cause harm to ourselves. However, stressing the human body to its limits and doing movements that your body is not used to all of a sudden may lead to injury. Because after all your body has never been moved in that manner before. That is why doctors and physiotherapists around the world will always tell you to start off with simple exercises at the beginning. Making your body get a feel of what is about to come. So that you are giving your body time to adapt to the changes. And then you can gradually start stressing your body a little more and a little bit more. And then you can push your body to any level of extreme that you wish.

Sports medicine is the science of understanding how these injuries can be avoided, recognized when they do occur, and then treated appropriately like with joint supplements in Singapore. Sports injuries are, in principle, the same as other injuries. The major difference can be in the expectation of the patients. The injuries can be classified into three broad groups. Acute extrinsic injuries are those which arise from a direct external blow. These are commonly wounds, bruises and fractures. Acute intrinsic injuries result from failure of a patient’s structures as a result of excessive loading. Examples are tendon ruptures, avulsion fractures and ligament injuries. Chronic injuries are those with an insidious or unknown onset, commonly inflammation or failure secondary to repetitive loading. Examples are inflammation of the Achilles tendon and stress fractures.

There are some additional questions which need to be asked in the history when treating a patient with a sports injury because all this will help with how to proceed further with the patient. Firstly we must get a detailed history of how the injury actually occurred to begin with, because this will go a long way in helping us come to a diagnosis. We must make sure to ask them what kind of training they were actually involved in when the injury occurred, was it only one type of training or was it a mixed type of training.  Then we must ask them if they have had a previous injury of a similar nature, and if they have had one, what kind of rehabilitation and treatment they had, such as maca supplements? Once these initial details have been obtained you can then proceed with the necessary investigations for you to come up with the correct diagnosis.

Sports injuries have to be handled with additional care because your course of therapy can decide the future of that individual.