Live Your Dream Life – In Your Dream Home!

Centola Osorio   October 6, 2017   Comments Off on Live Your Dream Life – In Your Dream Home!

We all have dreams – some of them are fantasies about many things, and some of them are pure imaginations. But, there are some things in these that are the real dreams, which are needed to achieve in life. These dreams are the future, and these can assure happiness in everyone’s life. One of these achievable dreams is to own a dream home for the family, and people in Singapore are really going to be lucky in this matter.

In the north region of Singapore, there is the town, Sembawang. And the town is really a state of the art area in terms of residency and the newest edition of an establishment in there is the Parc Life EC – a really great condominium.

Parc Life EC is situated right beside Sembawang drive, and therefore it is really transport friendly from anywhere in the Singapore. The most common problem with condominiums nowadays are that those don’t have enough open space for the people living in it – but surely Parc Life is a really different and modern one.

Parc Life floor plan pdf shows that it has in total 628 units along with 628 car park lots – means that the residents will never run short of space to park their cars. In Parc Life EC Floor Plan PDF it is showed to everyone that the buildings will have max 16 storeys and therefore the whole condominium will be safer than others in terms of any natural occurrence.  

The whole Parc Life sits in an area of 238,849 square ft and it has 13 blocks of buildings. 7 of the blocks have 16 storeys and 4 have 15 storeys.

Where Parc Life really stands out is in the open area it contains inside it. There are several pools, kids play zone, sports zone, spa zone, gymnasium, tennis court, and many more!  These are definitely different than other resident projects all around the world and also, better in every way!

For any person in Singapore who wants to settle down and have a calm and nice environment in his home, which is also a top notch house in terms of elegance and architectural beauty, he or she really need to visit the town of Sembawang. The town itself is nerve relaxing and the resident establishments inside of it like the above mentioned one is really beautiful and almost like a dream come true.

Safety , reliability, comfort and attractiveness all in one is what you get at PARC life EC. It’s the most convenient living for you and your family.