Is It Possible To Survive Infidelity?

Centola Osorio   August 25, 2017   Comments Off on Is It Possible To Survive Infidelity?

Well, surviving infidelity is not at all easy. It might look like an impossible task when you go through it. You feel that your life is over. That is never going to help you overcome infidelity. You think that it is difficult to get your life back on track. You are in shock. You cannot even believe that your partner just did this to you. And you are unable to get out of the shock. That makes you believe that there is no way out for you. It is followed by hurt – it can be really suffocating and overwhelming at the same time. Thereafter, you deal with anger. Different people experience these feelings in different manner. For some, all these feeling might occur at the same time. For others, it might surface one after another in different phases.

Finding a way out

Yes, the pain is insufferable. You have no idea how to deal with it. But you should realize the fact that you can survive infidelity. There are many couples who learn to thrive afterwards. As we have mentioned before, the couple goes through different emotions when they are forced to deal with infidelity. It’s the same in the case of a man and a woman. If the couple is ready to work hard towards healing themselves, they can really find a way out. But they must be committed towards it. In that case, you can come out happier, stronger and better. And you might end up in an even better relationship compared to before. So yes, you need to believe first that it is totally possible. How people respond to infidelity matters. How you deal with it also matters. But yes, recovery might not be an easy process. It might be uncertain, twister and long. The only question is that whether you are ready to go through it or not. Is it early to think of deed of separation Singapore?

Responding to infidelity

You are angry and hurt. You want to get back at your partner. That prompts you to do something stupid. This might push your partner further away from you. Infidelity has already caused enough separation between the partners. Further division and separation will only make matters worse. This will not help your relationship to survive at all. Therefore, you need to be really careful not to cause further damage. You are not protecting the person who cheated on you. You are simply trying to protect your relationship. Marriage annulment is not possible in the case of a proper wedding. May be you have to look for divorce if it’s really bad. For further information about divorce procedure please click here.

Focusing on the other woman

In case of infidelity, you tend to focus on the other person – be it a man or woman. You should know that confronting the other woman or man is a mistake when your partner deserves equal blame. You are actually trying to shift the blame; which is never really helping.